Common patches of “Black Ice” on the Road of Recovery

Over the 30 years of working with folks in a coaching environment, there have been several key issues that keep reappearing across different problems, across different people, and across time within individual clients. These issues create "Blind Spots" that are like “Black Ice” on the road of recovery.

Understanding these common blind spots and how they create slippery footing, helps you learn to choose differently. Each patch of Black Ice has its own unique qualities. Learning to approach these situations differently is the process of building your own inner coach.

A Deeper Look at how Faith Impacts Healthy Change, explores how the process of faith impacts your ability to make desired changes in your life today.

Tools and Nuggets for the journey , these are helpful resources to have on your adventure of becoming.

Being Smart CAN NOT Prevent Blind Spots, which is one of the most common blind spots of all! This nugget helps you see more deeply into your perceptions and how to make conscious the blind spots preventing your healthy change.

The Fundamental Principles of Healthy Change, explores some of the basic building blocks that make healthy change the path of least resistance. These fundamental principles create a perspective that allows you to maximize healthy power.

Judging Prevents Change, it makes it so painful to look accurately at what you are judging about yourself that you will tend to stop seeing those things at all – out of sight is out of mind. Judging others greatly increases their tendency to defend against what you are sharing with them.

We are Addicted to the Familiar , explores the confusing draw that familiar survival patterns have on us. We are addicted to familiar dynamics that fit with our survival software. We know how to survive in these familiar patterns even though we may hate the patterns themselves.

The Role of Forgiveness In Making Healthy Change, explores what forgiveness really means and what it does not have to mean. You can not force forgiveness. It is a process. The reality is that what you don’t forgive, you will carry with you. Forgiveness is more a gift to yourself doing the forgiving, than to the person you forgive.


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