James O. Henman Ph.D.

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James O. Henman Ph.D.

Dr. Henman developed Cognitive/Perceptual Reconstruction as a integrated Coaching approach to the treatment of Adult Children of Dysfunction in 1985. With the help of a steering committee of recovering individuals, he wrote "Changing Attitudes In Recovery - A Handbook On Esteem" in 1990, and founded free C.A.I.R. Self-Help groups to support the growth of healthy esteem the same year.

In 1997, in conjunction with Urban Care Ministries, he helped form CAIRing Grace Groups, Christ-centered support groups that combine Scripture and Cognitive/Perceptual Reconstruction tools from the “C.A.I.R. Handbook” to form a safe place to experience God’s Grace in recovery. Dr. Henman wrote "Who's REALLY Driving Your Bus?" in 2003 and Republished "Who's REALLY Driving Your Bus Today?" in 2022.

Dr. Henman began his professional career working in Head Start and Migrant Education preschool programs in central California in 1968. He has spent the last 40 years in full time practice counseling and educating in areas of self-esteem, addictions, relationship dysfunction, depression and anxiety. He received his Ph.D. from CSPP - Fresno in 1978. He received his California license in Psychology in 1980. He is currently in full time practice with Psychological Associates in Modesto, CA as a Coach, author, and lecturer.

Partial List of Publications

  • Conscious competence and other paradoxes for adult children. Henman, J. O. (1987). Focus, July/August, 12-16.
  • Changing attitudes in recovery: A handbook on esteem. Henman, J. O. (1990). Modesto, CA: Psychological Associates Press.
  • Who’s REALLY Driving Your Bus? Henman, J. O. (2003). Modesto, CA: Psychological Associates Press.
  • Cognitive/perceptual reconstruction in the treatment of alcoholism. Henman, J. O. & Henman, S. M. (1990). In C. M. Sterman (Ed.), Neuro-linguistic programming in alcoholism treatment (pp. 105-124). New York: The Haworth Press.
Aditional Publications


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