Building Recovering Relationships - 2 CD Set
Building Recovering Relationships - 2 CD Set

    "Building Recovering Relationships," gives you a way of approaching the important relationships in your life that creates healthy change.

    In “The Journey Series,” Dr. Henman uses examples from daily life to illustrate various aspects of recovery in a way that makes them come alive.  Each 2-CD set can be experienced over and over, gaining something new each time. 
    Each presentation addresses specific issues common to most Adult Children and gives useful tools to help in the recovery process.  He shares his unique views on self-esteem and the Adult Child Character.  He presents an “ecology of change” which allows growth to be the path of least resistance:
Listen to all the Audio CD's In this Series:
  • Understanding The "Wounded Child Within"
  • A Developmental View of Addiction
  • Exploring "New Program" A Blueprint For Recovery
  • Road Blocks To Recovery
  • Building Recovering Relationships
  • Building Healthy Self-Esteem Relaxing Into Change
    Psychological Associates Press is pleased to announce the availability of audio CD live recordings of presentations by James O. Henman, Ph.D. -  “A Journey Into Recovery” and  “God’s Gift Of Grace.”  Dr. Henman, author of “Changing Attitudes In Recovery,” and “Who’s REALLY Driving Your Bus?” invites you to sit across from him as if you were in a Therapeutic Coaching session. 
    His style of sharing combines humor and sensitive self-disclosure in a thought provoking, impacting way.  He has spent the past 30 years in his psychological practice successfully coaching thousands of clients to make desired changes, while helping them build healthy self-esteem and connecting them with their core spirituality.

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