The Truth Can Set You Free - 2 CD Set
The Truth Can Set You Free - 2 CD Set

    "The Truth Can Set You Free," helps you explore deeply the assumptions and blind spots that rob you of healthy choice in your spirituality.

    The third part in a series of four lectures including "Transforming Grace – Healing The Wounds That Bind", "God’s Grace & Our Freedom To Obey", "The Truth Can Set You Free," and "Willing To Be A Fool For God." In this  series Dr. Henman applies the Wisdom of Scripture to the process of making changes in our daily lives.
    Dr. Henman presents Gods no-fault plan for growth and healthy esteem, which allows us to relax into His loving Nature. Embracing God’s plan of Grace makes change and growth the path of least resistance. Dr. Henman shares from his own personal relationship with his loving "Big Brother" Jesus and how this relationship affects his recovery.
Includes the Following Individual selections in 2 CD Sets:
  • Transforming Grace Healing The Wounds That Bind
  • God's Grace and Our Freedom to Obey
  • The Truth Can Set you Free
  • Willing To Be A Fool For God
      Dr. Henman blends Scripture and examples from daily life to illustrate various aspects of recovery and ties them to the process of change in a way that makes them come alive. His style of presenting combines humor and sensitive self-disclosure in a thought-provoking, impactful way. The lectures can be experienced over and over, gaining something new each time.
    Psychological Associates Press is pleased to announce the availability of audio CD live recordings of presentations by James O. Henman, Ph.D. -  "A Journey Into Recovery" and  "God’s Gift Of Grace."  Dr. Henman, author of "Changing Attitudes In Recovery," and "Who’s REALLY Driving Your Bus?" invites you to sit across from him as if you were in a Therapeutic Coaching session.  He has spent the past 30 years in his psychological practice successfully coaching thousands of clients to make desired changes, while helping them build healthy self-esteem and connecting them with their core spirituality.

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